Natural Beauty

Detail of Micro Beaded Bag Circa 1920

Jewelry Design

My design story begins with my first ethereal experience of the feel of fabric being woven of yarn and string. My pieces are inspired where history and fashion collide. The  techniques that caught my fancy in the beginning,  have come together in each of these unique beauties. Not only will they delight, but I hope will transform you.

Red Sun rimmed in Gold and Bronze

Uniquely One Of A Kind

Wear and tear is a reality in life. The materials used to create these pieces were imagined at the turn of the century. The inherent qualities of discoloration and aging is what makes each special and uniquely individual. Due to the limited availability of the raw material, colors like green and red are very rare. We might get a pair or two out of a small batch of beads.


My Passion

Attracted to things of quality and craftsmanship, many types of textiles have caught my fancy. Rugs from Nepal, Kantha from Africa, Wool Blankets from Peru and Bolivia adorn my world. Creating wearable art was my beginning and continues to feed my soul. Costuming little people in theatre productions, selling gorgeous fashions from top retailers to weaving these little bits of heaven. My work stems from a deep desire to create beauty. 

Our Committment

Above and Beyond


Each stunning piece is a labor of love.  Timeless, classic accessories are what we desire to bring to you. Quality design and craftsmanship speak for themselves. We create gorgeous accessories for you to “behold and enjoy”.

Repurposing Parisian Fashion

1920’s Handbag

Take a piece of vintage fashion with you. Appreciate the special character these pieces embue. Cashmeres, Silks and Vintage raw materials are the foundation for creating lasting beautiful things.

Honoring Time


We pride ourselves on the quality of our offerings and we want clients to feel the same pride when wearing them.  Thank you for your interest! We’ll see you again soon.